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Whoever said you’d have to sacrifice functionality for fashion, never met Assos cycling gear. Known as the Rolls Royce of Cycling kits, it doesn’t get much better than Assos.
Sure, every rider wants to have the best bike so they can perform their best. But why stop there? With a great bike and mediocre gear, you’ll neither perform your best nor look your best. We all know the mantra, look good and feel good. Assos cycling gear knows that riders spend a lot of time in the saddle. Their kits are designed to deliver the features riders care about most, comfort, style, aerodynamics, and moisture-wicking. The wrong gear can set you back kilometres, Assos wants to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. So, ride your best, feel your best, and look your best.


Why are Assos cycling kits more expensive than other brands?

Because it’s the Mercedes of cycling kits, of course. But seriously, these cycling kits are extremely high quality. Cyclists spend hours in the saddle. All that sweat and oil is damaging and can break down both the fabric and your skin barrier. That’s why it's so important to have cycling kits made from durable moisture–wicking materials. Assos fabrics are subject to extensive quality control testing. Their cycling kits combine comfort and performance to deliver aerodynamic kits that will keep you in the saddle longer.

Where are Assos cycling kits made?

Assos, formerly known as Assos of Switzerland, is no longer made in Switzerland. Though their quality remains just as good as ever. In today's world, riders are more ethically conscious than ever, and rightfully so. For the conscious consumer, rest assured that Assos cycling kits are not made in China. Their premium gear is made in Bulgaria, with fabric cutting taking place in Italy and final sewing in Bulgaria.

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