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Bike frames are the backbone of your bike. More often riders are choosing to build their bike or modify their existing ride. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight and aerodynamic bike frame to take you on the road or a durable frame with comfortable upright seating geometry for taking on rugged terrain, our selection of bike frames offers a variety of options for a range of biking styles.

Customized Bike Frames from Seven Cycles

Made in the USA, Seven Cycles makes some of the most highly customized bike frames on the market. Their frames prioritize performance, rider needs, and geometry. When ordering a customized frame from Seven Cycles, riders have the option to choose materials, paint, style, and performance features. Whether you’re a road cyclist, mountain biker, or fat bike enthusiast, a customized frame is the ultimate investment and a surefire way to level up your cycling.

Explore our selection of bike frames from Seven Cycles today. Whether you’re planning your next bike build or looking to modify your ride, our custom options from Seven Cycles offer exceptional performance and style.


Can I buy a bike frame from Seven Cycles online?

Bike frames from Seven Cycles are not available for immediate purchase. Due to their high degree of customization, you won’t be able to purchase or check out these frames online. Instead, we encourage you to get in touch with us!

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