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Bike Trainers: For Training All Season Long

For pre-ride warm-ups, post-ride cooldowns, and all-season riding, bike trainers are the perfect year-round solution for riders looking to train and maintain their fitness level. Bike trainers are extremely convenient and versatile, allowing you to control the difficulty of your ride and train with no interruptions! Say goodbye to planning your rides around the weather or street traffic. Bike trainers allow you to train any time of day in any condition. Experience increased efficiency and an uninterrupted riding experience.

Set up your trainer in front of the TV and tune into a live training program to get the most out of your bike trainer. Choose how and when you want to train with programs that allow you to cycle live with riders from all over the world! With a smart trainer, you’ll be able to benefit from live feedback and feel both uphills and downhills accurately in real time.

At Chain Reaction, our selection of bike trainers includes various models from Elite and Tacx. For beginners and pros, our selection includes a variety of price points so that you’re sure to find a bike trainer that suits your needs.

Elite Bike Trainers

Elite offers leading interactive and smart bicycle trainers that allow you to make the most out of your at-home ride. With direct drive and wheel-on trainers, you can choose a trainer that best matches the riding characteristics you’re looking for. For stable, quiet, and realistic rides, direct drive trainers are the best option. And, with smart compatibility, you’ll be able to benefit from the latest technology and live riding feedback.

Tacx Bike Trainers

Bring a touch of reality to your indoor training sessions with Tacx bike trainers. With their own Tacx training app that includes realistic rides, you can climb mountains and cycle scenic routes all year round. Choose from direct drive and wheel-on options with smart technology to get the most out of your indoor training experience!

Shop our selection today at Chain Reaction to maintain your fitness level year-round.

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