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For everyday rides, electric mountain bikes provide you with the power you need to get where you’re going with less effort. Whether you’re looking for a reliable bike for daily commuting or a mountain bike to take you up challenging ascents, e-mountain bikes are the ultimate all-around functional bike!

Combing the functionality of mountain bikes with the convenience of e-bikes, e-mountain bikes are a great way to experience the power of pedal-assist technology in the deep woods. When it comes to tough climbs up mountains, sometimes all you need is a little push. E-mountain bikes allow you to control how much assistance you need, so you only have to use it when it's needed most. Pedal-assist technology allows you to ride further for longer, so climb that mountain and save your energy for the thrilling descent.

At Chain Reaction, our selection includes e-mountain bikes from top brands like ibis and Specialized. These e-mountain bikes go beyond just slapping a motor on a mountain bike. They combine powerful motors, with long lasting battery range, and lightweight designs. So, you can enjoy the same functionality of a standard mountain bike, whether that be climbing a mountain, descending rough terrains, or commuting.

Shop our selection of electric mountain bikes today at Chain Reaction.


What is the difference between an e-bike and an e-mountain bike?

E-bikes and e-mountain bikes share many similarities. While e-bikes are great for commuting and riding around the city, for specialized riding such as mountain biking, an e-mountain bike will better meet the rider's performance needs. What sets the e-mountain bike apart is its integrated motor and its ability to handle challenging terrains and uphill climbs. E-mountain bikes also typically feature more robust frame designs and dual shocks, so they’re just as durable as a standard mountain bike and are suitable for rugged riding.

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