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For the rider that likes to take things off-road, Chain Reaction has you covered.
When it comes to hitting the trails or gravel roads, your road bike isn’t going to cut it. Rough terrain requires a bike that is both agile and stable. That’s why, we carry a diverse lineup of specialized gravel bikes, so you can tackle the off-roads with style and ease!


Is there a difference between mountain bikes and gravel bikes?

Yes. However, when it comes to riding trails, you’ll often see a mix of both styles of bike. While mountain bikes are superior at traversing bumpy terrains, gravel bikes come out on top in speed and agility.
The main differences between a gravel bike and a mountain bike are the handlebars, geometry, and weight.
Gravel bikes have a curved dropped handlebar, similar to what you’ll see on road bikes. They also feature a geometry that has riders sitting more upright in the saddle than a road bike. When comparing them to mountain bikes, gravel bikes are much lighter. The combined 3 differences mean that they tend to ride faster than their mountain bike counterparts!

Can I use a gravel bike for touring?

Yes, absolutely! Gravel bikes make awesome touring bikes. They’re lightweight, comfortable, and versatile. Their curved handlebar provides versatility in handling positions. The upright seating position means they’re more comfortable than a road bike for long journeys. And lastly, they can be loaded up with all your gear to hit the road!

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