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Discover Chain Reaction’s Drivetrain Bike Parts

With the right drivetrain kit, the build can be just as thrilling as the ride. At Chain Reaction, we carry a diverse selection of both manual and wireless drivetrain bike parts. Whether you’re looking to build your bike, upgrade your drivetrain, or go wireless, our kits allow you to deck out your bike to best meet your performance needs.
At Chain Reaction, we’re proud to carry the best brands. Our drivetrain selection includes kits from both SRAM and Shimano. Whether you’ve got an e-bike that you use for commuting or a mountain bike that could use an upgrade, our selection’s got you covered. For those that want to ditch manual shifting, our electric options allow you to shift effortlessly and experience the speed, reliability, and simplicity of wireless shifting.
When you upgrade to a high-quality drivetrain kit, you can focus on what matters most, riding! High-quality drivetrain kits require fewer shifts, meaning smoother gear progression and a smoother ride. With a wireless drivetrain, shifting becomes a no-brainer. Focusing on riding allows you to ride more efficiently with an improved riding cadence and rhythm. For climbing mountains and managing steep descents, high-quality drivetrains are a total game changer!
Shop our selection of grouppos and build kits and upgrade your ride!


What function does the drivetrain serve on a bike?

Similar to the drivetrain on a car, the drivetrain of your bicycle is what moves your bike! The drivetrain includes derailers, gear shifting mechanisms, the chain, cassette, and crankset. Drivetrain kits have become popular for bike builds and upgrades. With a solid frame, upgrading your drivetrain can be a game changer to your riding experience!

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