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Discover Road and Gravel Bike Tires

There’s a lot of terrain out there! And, different terrains require different types of tires. Whether you’re cycling down a smooth stretch of highway or riding gravel-filled trails, our bike tire selection includes road and gravel tires from the best brands. Choose from our diverse lineup of premium tires and find one that best suits your riding style and needs.

Continental Bike Tires

For over 100 years, Continental has excelled as a leading producer of gravel and road bike tires. Committed to producing the best tires, Continental conducts extensive research and utilizes German engineering and manufacturing to deliver diligent precision, efficiency, and quality. Continental gathers feedback from professional athletes, cycling enthusiasts, and everyday riders to continuously innovate and improve their road and gravel bike tires. Their road bike tires are produced by hand using revolutionary technology like their BlackChili compound, which has been trusted by professional riders competing in the Tour de France.

Teravail Bike Tires

Teravail tires are designed for better rides on all terrains. Hard-packed trails, loose gravel, and smooth roads are no match for Teravail road and gravel bike tires. Supple yet aggressively treaded, their gravel bike tires are ultra-grippy and efficient. With a strong reputation amongst riders, their tires are known for being reliable and allowing riders to cycle fast and commit to cornering.

Teravail’s road bike tires are also incredibly durable for worry-free riding. Their rampart road biking tire features a puncture-proof strip layered under the tread for increased protection. Take your tires off-road and ride worry-free with durable tires that offer loads of traction.

Shop our selection of premium gravel and road bike tires online today at Chain Reaction or visit us in-store to learn more from our team of experts!

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