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The crankset lies at the heart of the drivetrain. As one of the key components that work to move the chain as you pedal, the crankset is what makes your bike a bike. In short, the crankset is the part of the bike that you pedal to move forward. Unsurprisingly, investing in a high-quality crankset is one of the best ways to improve your riding experience and performance.

SRAM Cranksets

SRAM cranksets are some of the best in the industry due to their incredible versatility and performance. Their axle diameter and button brackets fit on nearly any bike on the market, making them a go-to option for those looking to upgrade their ride or replace a worn crankset.

SRAM cranksets are loaded with performance-oriented features that set the standard for all other cranksets on the market. Ultra-durable and yet impressively lightweight, SRAM cranksets use the brand’s sophisticated tooth profile shape to offer noticeably smoother pedaling, translating to a more efficient ride.

At Chain Reaction, our selection of bike cranksets includes top brands like SRAM, Shimano and Race Face. Chain Reaction is proud to offer the best compilation of bicycle mechanics in the Toronto area. For bike builds, upgrades, tuneups, and parts installs, our team is here to help! Shop our selection of Cranksets online today or visit us in-store to talk with our team of experts.


Why should I replace my crankset?

The truth is that cranksets last a long time! Chainrings do wear out over time on older or well-used models. However, replacing your crankset is one of the single best ways to reduce the weight of your ride, increase safety and improve your riding experience.

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