Discover our Selection of Electric Hybrid, Road, Gravel, and Mountain Bikes

Electric bikes (e-bikes) offer unmatched versatility and efficiency. They offer all the features of traditional bicycles but with the power and assistance of pedal assist technology.

At Chain Reaction, our e-bike selection includes accessible and high-end options from the best brands, including Giant, Specialized, and Ibis. Explore our selection and find the e-bike that best suits your riding style and needs.

Mountain E-Bikes: For Reaching New Heights

Climb higher with the assistance of a mountain e-bike. Mountain e-bikes offer the frame geometry, suspension, and tire traction of a traditional mountain bike with the assistance of an e-bike. Ascend higher and descend faster, harness the power of an e-bike while taking on trails and rough terrain.

Hybrid E-Bikes: For City Breaks and Commuting

Hybrid e-bikes are the most versatile e-bike and the perfect choice for commuters. They offer a more robust frame than the traditional road bike, making them durable enough for both on-road and off-road riding. They’re also lightweight enough to be used for commuting.

Escape on a city break with a hybrid e-bike that can be taken on dirt roads and uneven terrain. Hybrid e-bikes come with wider tires that perform well on a variety of surfaces.

For those seeking an e-bike to take them from morning commutes to bike paths and trails, hybrid e-bikes are an excellent all-around e-bike solution that offers comfort and assistance. Pedal longer and explore your city with the pedal assistance of an e-bike and the ease of a hybrid frame design.

Road and Gravel E-Bikes: For Traveling the Distance

For cyclists looking to take on the road or gravel and travel further, e-bikes are the ideal solution. Concur hills and headwinds with the pedal assistance technology of road e-bikes. Benefit from a riding range of up to 140 km. Conserve energy and use pedal assistance when you need it most!

Discover our diverse selection of e-bikes here at Chain Reaction.