Explore our diverse selection of specialized bike tires.

So, you’ve got the bike, but you need new tires. Or, maybe you’re looking to modify your bike to better suit the season. Whatever your reason may be, Chain Reaction carries a wide variety of specialized bike tires.
For the rider that hits the trails, gravel, roads, and snow, we carry everything from standard mountain bike tires in various sizes, to top of the line fat bike tires. Canadians are serious riders, and we aren’t afraid of snow, we should however have the proper bike tires for Canadian winters. Our tire lineup includes studded tires so you can take on both ice and snow.


What size of tire is best for mountain biking?

When choosing tire size, there are several things to consider. The first thing to consider is the type of bike. Not all tire sizes are suitable for all bike frames. Also, when it comes to tire size, there are two measurements to consider, diameter and width. For example, a 27.5” x 2.6” tire has a 27.5 inch diameter and a 2.6 inch width. When it comes to mountain biking, size matters. However, bigger isn’t always better and the size of tire you choose will depend greatly on the kind of riding you do. If you plan to take your mountain bike on the trails, a larger tire diameter will afford a smoother ride. Tire width equals traction. Hence the fat bike tires. If you plan to ride muddy trails, you might want to opt for a wider tire for extra traction and grip.