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So, you live for the adrenaline of the mountain and the wind in your hair? Serious riders know there's a difference between a mountain bike and a mountain bike riding. Sure, you can take your mountain bike for a spin around the city, but it would be a shame to not put Ibis bicycles' advanced design components to use.
Admittedly, most bicycle brands try to provide something for everyone. While that works for some, Ibis bikes knows that it's better to be excellent at one thing, than to be mediocre at many things. That’s why Ibis has focused all their energy on the style of riding they know best, mountain, downhill, trail, cross, and enduro.
Don’t be fooled by Ibis’s modest assortment of bikes. Each of their bikes is a total knockout. Don’t trust me? Take a look at their famed Mojo mountain bike. The Mojo single handedly put Ibis on the map. Why? Because it was the first of its kind, and all carbon fiber mountain bike. Contrary to popular belief, modern day carbon fiber is extremely durable and suitable for even the most aggressive style of mountain biking. There’s a reason the Mojo is still available today and continues to be a bestseller.


Who does Ibis make bikes for?

Ibis bikes fall within the mountain biking and enduro niche. These bikes aren’t suitable for all riders, and they don’t pretend to be. If you’re serious about mountain biking and hitting the trails, Ibis bikes are some of the best.

What is the difference between the Ripmo and Rimpo AF?

To the eye, the Rimpo and Rimpo AF look very similar. The main difference between these two bikes is the frame material. The Rimpo features a carbon fiber frame, while the Rimpo AF features an alloy frame. While aluminium weighs slightly more than carbon fiber, it is significantly more affordable, something you will see reflected in the price of the Rimpo AF vs the Ripmo.

Is there a warranty on Ibis bikes?

Yes, of course. Ibis bikes come with a 7 year guarantee on their frames, rims, and forks. Some wear and tear is to be expected. Because these bikes are meant for the dirt and the trail, the paint comes with a 1 year guarantee. Ibis provides comprehensive details regarding their warranty on their website, and even allows you to register your bike online.

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