Mille GT Winter Ultraz Jacket

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  • With the windproof and water-resistant protection of Assos' MILLE GT ULTRAZ Winter Jacket EVO you can keep pushing on the pedals through deep winter and enjoy the benefits of extra fitness come spring and summer. 

    Motivated to Ride. Whatever the Weather. 

    Getting outside and on the bike can be half the battle when it comes to cycling in harsher winter weather. But the MILLE GT ULTRAZ Winter Jacket EVO will give you a warmly welcome boost to motivation when it comes to ticking off winter miles.

    To keep out biting cold winds, the front of the jacket is made from 100% windproof NEOS Light textile. This softshell material has a PU bonded membrane creating a windproof barrier and enough water-resistance to comfortably fend off rain, snow and road spray. You'll certainly need to reach for a hardshell rain jacket far less when you're wearing the Ultraz. 

    Cold Out. Warm in.

    With the elements kept out, Assos turned to the job of keeping warmth inside. On the inside of the GT Ultraz is their soft and fleecy RX Heavy. This insulates you against the cold but just as importantly it allows sweat to escape. After all, it's no good being protected from the elements if you then get damp on the inside when cycling. 

    To the back, 3-layer NEOS Medium fabric adds even more warmth to your ride. And then there's the built-in face mask for those bitterly cold days of winter riding. The sleeves use Assos' two-layer twinDeck construction, a protective outer matched with an insulating inner.  And at the cuff, you’ll notice these two materials aren’t sewn together, which lets your gloves seamlessly integrate between the layers for streamlined comfort.

    As you'd expect of an Assos garment, the attention to detail, fabric choice and tailoring are all first-class. Warm and weather protective, while also breathable, this is a jacket for dedicated cyclists, keeping you on your bike and enjoying the outdoors when deep winter arrives.