Pocito Omne SPIN

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  • The children’s cycling helmet designed to support younger riders as they develop their skills. With a design and features inherited from the adult version of the helmet, the Omne Air SPIN is specifically tailored to meet the precise needs of younger riders.

    Product Highlights

    • Children’s cycling helmet designed to meet the specific needs of younger riders and certified to CE EN 1078, CPSE 12 03, AS/NZS 2063 standards.
    • Robust construction with an EPS liner optimized for children’s protection.
    • Easy-to-operate 360° fit system that gives kids a precise, secure fit.
    • Includes SPIN (Shearing Pad INside), silicone pad technology
    • Fluorescent colors and reflective details make it easy for other to see the wearer from a distance.
    • Ventilation design inherited from the Omne Air SPIN keeps kids’ heads cool while riding.

    The helmet features a 360° fit system that makes it easy to find a precise fit and an EPS liner optimized for the protection children need. Also includes SPIN (Shearing Pad INside), silicone pad technology

    As with all POCito products, we have worked to heighten proactive protection in our kids’ cycling helmet. The Omne POCito SPIN is available in highly visible fluorescent colors that work to attract attention from a distance, so others notice the child earlier. Reflective detailing makes it even easier for the helmet to grab attention.

    Please note:
    This helmet is painted in a color which can fade.
    The pigments are sensitive to UV radiation, making the color fade over time if exposed to strong sunlight. This process can be stopped by adding harmful additives, but the paint we use for this helmet uses environmentally friendly additives to protect the helmet from fading.
    Unfortunately, the friendly additives can not be as efficient as the harmful ones.
    The fading is a natural process and a result of the choices made in the product development and is not a sign of the product being defective.