Pocito Crane MIPS

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Out of stock
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  • Product Highlights

    • POCito helmet for children
    • Progressive core, dual density EPS liner
    • Extra tough outer shell to prevent denting
    • MIPS rotational impact protection
    • In-mold construction
    • Size adjustment system
    • Strap anchors molded inside the liner
    • High visibility fluorescent colors
    • Reflective patches

    Now featuring MIPS rotational impact protection, the children’s cycling helmet also features an advanced dual-density EPS liner for maximum protection from different impact forces. The stiffer outer part absorbs higher-energy impacts while a softer inner gives protection from low-energy impacts. Together, the two densities give a progressive stop if an accident does happen. A hard outer shell prevents denting, and the helmet is built to withstand wear and tear from young ones as they develop a love for cycling.

    As with all products in the POCito collection, this helmet includes features that work to prevent an accident from happening. Bright, highly visible fluorescent colors make sure kids are easy to spot, giving others plenty of time to react to their presence.  Reflective details improve children’s visibility in low light, making it even easier for others to notice them. The helmet also features an easy to use adjustment system to ensure that kids can easily find the right fit.

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