Discover Clipless Pedals for Road Biking

Clipless pedals are a must-have for road cyclists. Whether you’re touring, climbing tough hills, or travelling at high speeds, clipless pedals are the component you need for improved performance and efficiency. Clipless pedals work by using cleats and pedals to create a direct connection between the sole of the rider's foot and the pedal. This direct connection allows the rider to apply more force to each pedal stroke with less effort. For long rides and high-speed travel, this increased efficiency is a game-changer and a necessity for serious cyclists.

Garmin: Clipless Pedals that Offer Analytics on Your Ride

Garmin is known for developing technology that allows you to live your life to the fullest. Whether it’s a wearable that tracks your every move or a bike computer you can count on, their lineup of cycling accessories combines internal technology with design engineering to deliver advanced performance.

Garmin clipless pedals use built-in technology to track your ride. From cadence to power, they track all your analytics and sync to your other devices, whether it’s a Garmin bike computer or an app on your phone.

Time: Clipless Pedals with a Carbon Body

Hailing from France, Time Sports has been a pioneer in pedal technology for over 40 years. Their reputation quickly became known in the cycling community when they could be seen on nearly every road bike at the Tour de France in the early 2000s. Today, though recently acquired by SRAM, Time continues to innovate and develop trusted performance pedals for cyclists.

Time Sports pedals are reliable, easy to use, and versatile, whether you plan to take your bike on the road or spin in your living room. What makes Time Sports pedals unique is their use of carbon fiber and titanium. While the carbon fiber body makes these pedals lightweight, the titanium axle reinforces the pedal to make it durable and strong.

Look: Clipless Pedals

Born in France, Look clipless cycling pedals were uniquely inspired and adapted from ski bindings. Having received accolades from some of the most influential cyclists and winning countless awards, Look clipless pedals are known for their performance, reliability, and accessibility.

Look clipless pedals are great for beginners and pros. With accessibly priced options that come with a carbon body, they perfectly balance low weight and high power.

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