Discover Clipless Pedals for Mountain and Gravel Riding

Clip in and ride with ease. Pedal harder and faster with clipless pedals. Clipless pedals provide the efficiency you need for riding steep mountains and rugged terrain. Ride to your full potential and reach new heights.

At Chain Reaction, our selection of pedals includes mtb clipless pedals, as well as clipless pedals for gravel terrain. With premium pedals and accessible options, you’re sure to find a set that suits your riding preferences and style.

Mtb Clipless Pedals: For Stability and Efficiency

Clipless pedals provide the efficiency you need to pedal like a pro. Mountain biking is both exhilarating and incredibly interactive, however, climbing high and riding rough terrain can make maintaining proper cycling technique challenging. Clipless pedals provide the solution mountain bikers need for improved performance in demanding conditions.

Step into a set of mtb clipless pedals and experience improved cycling. Pedal with ease and maintain your cadence for more efficient riding. Sprint away and explore new scenery with clipless pedals that maintain proper foot placement and make pedaling easier. Push down and pull up with force for more balanced and efficient riding.

Clipless pedals are smaller and lighter than traditional pedals giving you more clearance when riding over rocks and roots. Ride rough terrain and tackle obstacles with ease. Watch how clipless pedals keep your feet locked in, preventing your feet from bouncing around when riding rough terrain.

Ride longer and harder. Discover how Chain Reaction’s mtb clipless pedals can level up your mountain biking experience!


How can I make the most out of clipless pedals?

Learning how to ride with clipless pedals can immensely improve your riding performance and reduce fatigue. When riding with clipless pedals, riders should practice full strokes. To pedal in full strokes, practice pushing down with one foot and pulling up with the other simultaneously. The concurrent force of pulling up and pushing down at the same time will allow you to pedal harder with less effort!

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