Nanotube Lube 50ml

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  • Nanotube Chain Lube top up bottle is now available!

    Created using cutting edge, intensive research and development, Nanotube Chain Lube allows you to re-treat your chain for many more miles of ultimate speed in all weathers. This lube will allow you to achieve significant savings within 1-2 watts of your chain’s original optimum performance. This new, state of the art formula pushes the boundaries of chain lube innovation and is designed specifically to keep friction to an absolute bare minimum over a long period.


    • Best used to maintain or restore Nanotube Chain efficiency, but can be applied to any chain!
    • All-weather lubricant
    • Returns Nanotube Chain chain efficiency to within 1-2 watts of its optimum
    • Can last up to 400 miles before reapplication needed
    • Contains nanotube additives for optimum efficiency
    • Used by the world’s greatest cycling teams and athletes