Ceramic Wet Lubricant 120ml w/UV Torch

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      The secret to the C3 Ceramic Wet Chain Lube is its unique ceramic coating that provides incredible durability and long distance performance on all bicycle chains. The innovative formulation in our chain oil also uses Boron Nitride to ensure ultra low friction for ultimate drive chain efficiency, high performance and durability. The waterproof qualities of Muc-Off C3 Ceramic Wet Chain Lube also means that your drive chain will excel in the harshest of riding conditions.

      Looking for long chain oil service intervals and precision gear changes with super low friction reduction? Look no further. C3 Ceramic Wet Lube is packaged in an ergonomic bottle complete with pipette system for easy use and application. It’s also 95% biodegradable and is ideal for Road, Cyclocross and MTB.


      • FEATURES

        • Ideal chain lubricant for Road Cycling, Cyclocross & MTB
        • Excels in wet, muddy conditions
        • Contains Boron Nitrides for efficiency
        • Creates Ceramic coating for chain protection
        • Ultra long distance performance
        • Incredible durability
        • Pipette system for accurate, easy application
        • Includes UV torch to check for 100% coverage