Discover our selection of SRAM bicycle components.

Looking to improve your ride? You’ve come to the right place. Chain Reaction carries a diverse lineup of Sram bike components because we know riders are always looking to level up their ride.
Whether you’re building your dream ride or looking to modify your existing one, we’ve got both Sram kits and individual components to suit every need. From Sram chains, derailleurs, cassettes, or even e-bike components, we know that quality components are the key to outfitting your ride.


Are Sram chains good?

Yes. Sram chains are widely accepted as some of the best and most durable chains on the market. Made from nickel, they are guaranteed to last a long time. They even claim that their XX1 Sram chain is the world's longest lasting bike chain.

What’s so special about Sram’s AXS components?

Like many of Sram’s bike components, the AXS line is ahead of its time. Essentially, AXS is a system that connects e-bike components with software. With AXS, you can wirelessly shift gears providing you with a smoother and more carefree ride. There’s even an AXS mobile app to further connect you with your bike. Performance, tire pressure, and gear use can all be monitored wirelessly from the app.

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