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Though you’re likely familiar with the Specialized name, you may not know that it is a brand founded by riders. Despite their impressive partnerships with professional athletes, Specialized began with a rider just like you. Their passion for cycling has led them to become a household name within the cycling community, paving the way for the future of bicycle innovation today.
So, in a seemingly overcrowded bike market, what makes Specialized so special? Simple, their ability to listen and adapt to riders. From the beginning, Specialized has sought to develop the best bikes for cyclists that match their riding styles, preferences, and body geometry. In fact, Specialized developed the first ever mountain bike, the famed Stumpjumper, after seeing an increase in demand for a more interactive all-terrain bike. And yes, you can still buy the Stumpjumper today. Though our newest edition is vastly improved, the namesake remains an important sentiment to the brand today.
But, don’t let their Stumpjumper beginnings fool you into thinking they can’t make a killer road bike. Specialized designs all types of bikes including mountain, cross and gravel, road, and even turbo powered e-bikes. Their diverse lineup of bikes means they know every rider is different. Whether you’re a mountain biker or a road cyclist, you’ll find common ground in the quality behind the Specialized name.
Today, Specialized bikes continue to produce some of the best bikes on the market. By combining advanced technology and the intelligence of real riders, they design bikes that ride well and are made to last. Because riding requires more than just a bike, we carry a wide selection of the apparel and gear that Specialized bikes Canada has to offer.


Does my Specialized bike have a weight limit?

Yes. Structural weight capacity varies by component materials. Structural weight bearing capacity ranges between 240-300 lbs for adult bikes. Carbon fiber road bikes have a 240 lbs weight limit, while mountain bikes have a 300 lbs weight limit

How do I maintain my disc brakes?

The best way to maintain your disc brakes is to keep your bike clean. If your disc brakes are looking dirty, give them a wipe with either 99% alcohol or disc brake cleaner. Every 1-2 years your brake fluid should be bled, along with tune-ups every 40-50hrs. Ride time. Remember, brake pads don’t last forever. If they’re looking worn, it’s probably a good time to change them.

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