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Discover Seven Cycles’ fully customizable bikes!

Unfortunately, these bikes aren’t just one click away. Seven Cycles bikes are fully customizable, and with customization, comes time. In an industry where every company is trying their best to develop top-performing bikes, Seven Cycles has handed the design stage over to the rider.
Let’s face it, bike modifications have become the norm. You spend thousands of dollars on a bike, only to sink even more into costly modifications. Why? Because there’s always something you’d like to tweak or change. So, why not build your own bike from the ground up? Seven Cycles allows riders to have a say in all stages of the design process. Their options are endless including fat bikes, mountain bikes, cyclocross and road bikes.


How does the customization process work?

Seven Cycles has made the customization process super easy! Now more than ever, you can customize your dream bike with a clear vision and plan. The customization process involves 5 key elements:
1. Fit and comfort
2. Handling and performance
3. Tubing and materials
4. Features and options
5. The Future

By following this process, Seven Cycles ensures your bike checks all the boxes. Ensuring custom fit, while choosing materials and features that best suit your riding style. Seven Cycles bikes are meant to last a lifetime. That’s why an important part of the design process involves planning for the future. Maybe you’re still growing, or you see yourself growing as a rider, the design of your bike looks beyond the present, and into the future.

What is the lead time for a Seven Cycles bike?

As mentioned earlier, customization takes time. Depending on the type of bike you order and the materials used, the lead time may vary. In general, the lead time for an unpainted bike is approximately 19 weeks. However, these times can change throughout the seasons and are largely based on demand. For the most accurate lead time information, refer to the Seven Cycles website.

Is there a warranty on Seven Cycles bikes and frames?

Yes, all Seven Cycles bike frames come with a limited lifetime guarantee. However, their titanium components and Seven branded carbon forks come with a limited five-year guarantee. Any moving frame parts, replaceable frame parts, and aluminum components come with a limited one-year guarantee. I recommend thoroughly reviewing the warranty policy on their website, as it may affect which components and materials you choose throughout the design process.

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