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Park Tools began as a simple fix-it shop named Hazel Park Radio and Bicycle Shop in 1956. At the time, a simple wrench and screwdriver were all one would need to fix their bike. However, as bikes became more complex, so did the tools required to maintain them. After noticing this gap in the market, Park Tools developed its own set of tools and began selling them alongside its thriving bicycle repair business. In 1981, they sold the bicycle repair business to focus on Park Tools. Over 60 years later, Park Tools produces over 500 products to get the job done right.

Park Tool: The Right Tools for the Job

Park tools carry a reputation amongst cyclists for offering a quality kit of tools. When you’re riding a nice bike, your bike deserves nice tools. It’s no secret that cheap tools or the wrong tools for the job can leave your components damaged. Park Tools specializes in designing precise tools. Among their specialties is the hex wrench that maintains its sharp edges after repeated use, unlike similar budget options that tend to round out.

With Park Tools, you get what you pay for - high-quality tools that are designed specifically for bicycles. Park Tools only need to be purchased once. With a lifetime warranty, they’re serious about offering the best tools to cyclists worldwide.

At Chain Reaction, our diverse lineup of Park Tools includes kits and individual tools to suit all of your bicycle repair needs. Shop our selection online today or visit us in-store. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask our skilled team of mechanics!


Where are Park Tools made?

Park Tools are proudly manufactured in St. Paul, Minnesota, also home to its headquarters, engineering, design, and assembly teams.

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