Discover our selection of 45nrth studs, tires, and apparel!

Known for innovation and defying all odds, 45nrth designs some of the best winter biking essentials. Their vision began with the studded fat bike tire and later extended to apparel. At Chain Reaction, we carry all the best 45nrth essentials for your winter riding needs.
Though they became known for their concave 45nrth studs and fat bike tires, they have also won many awards for their innovation in designing winter riding apparel. When it comes to riding in the cold, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice aerodynamics for warmth. Their Wolvhammer boot is a prime example of 45nrth’s ability to combine style, warmth, and functionality.
For riders committed to the saddle in even the most extreme temperatures, our lineup includes gloves, one-piece bibs, boots, and even face protection. So, no matter how cold Canadian winters get, you can continue to ride on!


What makes the 45nrth studs different?

45nrth uses concave studs on their studded bike tires. Their concave shape means they have a larger surface area, offering greater traction in icy conditions. Not only that, they’re also easier to ride with than traditional spiked or crowned studs. Their lower profile means your tire will roll more efficiently, with fewer stud losses.

Which studded bike tire is best for commuting?

Though we carry a variety of 45nrth studded tires to suit different needs, some are more suitable for the everyday commute than others. It’s important to remember that the more traction you have, the slower your ride will be. At Chain Reaction, we know that when you’re commuting you want a tire that will provide you with traction, while not slowing you down too much. For commuting, our top recommendations are the Gravdal and the Kahva, depending on how harsh your winters are.

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