Elite Direto XR-T Smart Trainer
Elite Direto XR-T Smart Trainer
Elite Direto XR-T Smart Trainer
Elite Direto XR-T Smart Trainer
Elite Direto XR-T Smart Trainer
Elite Direto XR-T Smart Trainer

Elite Elite Direto XR-T Smart Trainer

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Product description

A natural evolution of the best-selling Direto and Direto X, the DIRETO XR promises to be the ideal home trainer to complete your cycling setup with a ready-for-use, accurate and powerful tool - it's also compatible with all that's new from Elite for the upcoming season on your bicycle. On the strength of a 1,5% accuracy ensured by the integrated OTS power meter, the DIRETO XR immediately gets the top spot among Elite's home trainer range for its enhanced pedalling roundness, the improved flywheel and an ultra-realistic gradient simulation, which is able to replicate a staggering 24% slope value.

ULTIMATE ACCURACY - The DIRETO XR is the world's only home trainer, together with Elite's Direto and Drivo range, that really measues power output via an integrated power meter, the OTS (Optical Torque Sensor). OTS is an innovative and integrated power meter that measures how much power you exercise on pedals with ± 1,5% accuracy on the DIRETO XR, which is 0,5% more accurate than the first Direto. This is why DIRETO XR is one of the most accurate commercially available home trainers, the ideal tool for a scientifically accurate monitoring of your cycling performances.

WORKOUT AS IF YOU WERE OUTDOORS, UPHILL AND DOWNHILL - Compared with the DIRETO X, The DIRETO XR simulates up to 24% gradients, 6% more than what the DIRETO X can do, thus ensuring top performances even on the most intense workout sessions.

THE QUIETEST EVER - After the success of the Direto X, Elite's R & D department redefined the mechanics of the DIRETO XR by achieving unmatched noise reduction levels. These developments rank the home trainer among Elite's quietest, by virtue of of its direct transmission configuration, where the rear wheel is removed and the chain connects to the cassette on the home trainer: the only noise you'll hear is the chain itself when you're shifting gears while working out. This is the definitive option to enjoy a quiet workout environment.

GREAT COMPATIBILITY - DIRETO XR is compatible with both road and mountain bikes, with 130-135 x 5mm hubs with quick clamping system and 142 x 12mm with thru-axle. Thanks to the implementation of a new design for the installed chain guard, the home trainer accomodates long cage derailleurs distinguished by an increased range and capacity on the sprocket set up to 12 speed. This is how the DIRETO XR is compatible with 9/10/11 speed Shimano/SRAM, 9/10/11/12 speed Campagnolo, 12 speed SRAM NX and 12 speed Shimano® micro Spline cassettes. The freehub bodies specific for Campagnolo, SRAM XD/XDR, 12 speed SRAM NX and 12 speed micro Spline Shimano.

TRAIN ON ZWIFT AND MY E-TRAINING - As with all Elite's direct transmission home trainers, the DIRETO XR is part of the ANT+TM FE-C and Bluetooth interactive home trainers range. This means total interaction with apps, software, computers and devices (smartphones and tablets) with iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows. Anywhere, anytime, with just a few clicks, you just set the course of the workout program and start pedalling: DIRETO XR handles the rest, by automatically adjusting resistance to manage your workout autonomously based on your needs. Also included in the box of the DIRETO XR is a 12-month free subscription to Elite's My E-Training software. Thanks to the cooperation between Elite and Zwift, anyone purchasing a DIRETO XR will get a free 1-month subscription to Zwift. DIRETO XR is also compatible with all the other commercially available indoor cycling platforms such as TrainerRoad, Rouvy, Kinomap, Bikevo and many more.

STABLE AND EASY TO TRANSPORT - Easy to transport, use and store after use thanks to its foldable legs, this home trainer is distinguished by its extraordinary stability even on out-of-the-saddle sprints. Moreover, the scratch-proof adjustable feet make it possible to vertically adjust the bicycle's position even when the floor isn't completely flat. DIRETO XR also includes Elite's Travel Block front wheel support, perfect to find the most comfortable position while working out.

SENSORLESS TECHNOLOGY - Every home trainer by Elite immediately sends power, speed and cadence data, thus becoming effective instruments to plan your own workout program and replicate outdoor workouts as faithfully as possible. On the DIRETO XR cadence is measured via a practical sensorless technology, that is no sensors to install on your bicycle, based on a sophisticated power output analysis measured by the integrated OTS power meter.

Product Features:

  • Home Trainer Type: Interactive direct transmission with electronically managed magnetic brake
  • Power Meter: Integrated OTS (Optical Torque Sensor)
  • Accuracy: ± 1,5%
  • Wireless Communication: ANT+TM (FE-C, Power, Speed&Cadence) and Bluetooth (FTMS, Power and Speed&Cadence) 24%
  • Max Slope Simulated: 1100 Watt (20km/h) - 2300 Watt (40km/h)
  • Max Power: Smartphone, tablet, bike computer, sports watches, Windows and Mac. Computer ANT+TM and/or
  • Control Via: Bluetooth
  • Compatible With: My E-Training software & app Zwift, Trainer Road, Bikevo, Kinomap, The Sufferfest and more
  • Output: Power, speed and cadence (heart rate if connected to a heart rate monitor, not included)
  • Flywheel: 5.1 kg
  • Bike Compatibility: Road bikes, Mountain bikes, City bikes - including carbon ones, with 130-135 x 5mm hubs and with quick clamping system and 142x12mm with thru-axle (an adapter for 135x10-12mm and rear 148x12mm Boost hubs is available)
  • Cassette Compatibility: 9/10/11 speed Shimano®/SRAM, 9/10/11/12 speed Campagnolo, 12 speed SRAM NX, 12 speed micro Spline Shimano.
    • A specific freehub body is required for Campagnolo compatibility.
    • A specific freehub body is required fir SRAM XD/XDR compatibility.
    • A specific freehub body is required for 12 speed SRAM NX compatibility.
    • A specific freehub body is required for 12 speed micro Spline Shimano compatibility
  • Connection Indicator: Power source, ANT+ and Bluetooth (3 LED LED lights)
  • Includes: 12-month free subscription to My E-Training software & app 1-month free subscription to Zwift app


  • Electrical Requirements: Input 100-240 volts 50-60 hz 6A - Output 12 volts 1,5A
  • Dimensions Open: 650 x 840 x 550 mm / 25.6’’ x 34’’ x 21.6’’
  • Dimensions Folded: 650 x 300 x 550 mm / 25.6’’ x 11.8’’ x 21.6’’
  • Weight: 16,2 kg

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