Crispy Rice Bar

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  • What’s the best food for fueling that’s packed with energy but still easy to digest? That would be simple, high-quality rice. Sport Crispy Rice Cakes are made with a blend of puffed rices and toasted grains, giving you energy-packed complex carbohydrates that feel light and digest easily, all held together by fluffy, heavenly marshmallow.

    Each Sport Crispy Rice Cake has enough calories to extend most athletes’ endurance efforts by an hour.


    • 1 serving (45g) = 180 Calories | 135mg of Sodium | 35g of Carbs | 3g of Protein 
    • Non-GMO, gluten free, peanut free, dairy free, soy free, gelatin free, vegetarian and kosher

    How to use: 

    • Eat when hungry. Don't if you're not. Repeat if necessary.

    Format:  45g

    Allergens/Allergenes: Contains eggs.


    Ingredients: crispy blend (brown rice, red rice, wild rice, red quinoa), marshmallow (tapioca syrup, sugar, glycerin, water, vanilla extract, sea salt, agar, egg white powder), chocolate white compound flavoured (sugar, palm kernel oil (RSPO), natural flavour, sunflower lecithin, salt), shortening (modified palm oils, canola oil), strawberry, sunflower oil.