Reform Enduro Light Tee

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  • Ideal for riding in warmer conditions, this tee is constructed using recycled materials to reduce impact on the environment.

    Product Highlights

    • Recycled materials
    • Lightweight, quick-drying fabric ideal for hotter weather
    • Cut to fit with body armor

    Constructed from a quick-drying recycled polyester, the Reform Enduro Light Tee works to keep you dry and cool when temperatures rise.

    The lightweight recycled polyester jersey has exceptional wicking capabilities to ensure moisture can move away from your body through even the most intense efforts.

    The t-shirt has a regular fit and is cut to work with back and elbow protectors. The durable polyester can withstand getting caught on Velcro armor fastenings, minimising potential damage.

    Lightweight enduro T-shirt

    Developed for hot weather riding, this lightweight t-shirt uses fabric weighing 155g/m2

    Recycled polyester

    The t-shirt is constructed from recycled polyester

    Exceptional wicking capability

    Stay dry while pushing hard, as the jersey wicks sweat away from the body

    Works with body armor

    The regular fit is cut to work with both elbow pads and a back protector