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Product description

The NiteRider® Lumina™ OLED 1200 Boost is an innovative bike light that removes the guesswork related to battery life, allowing you to plan your next ride safely with complete confidence, day or night

  • New Collimator Lens, distributes a generous even widespread beam
  • Boost Mode! Unleash maximum LED output
  • 5 Light Levels plus 4 Daylight Flash Modes
  • CREE™ LED at 6000k
  • Multifunctional OLED screen provides detailed operational information
  • FL1 Standard IP64, water resistant
  • Intellicharge™ – Reduce charge time in half!
  • Backlit buttons for easy to use interface in any lighting condition
  • Secure on and off-road capable handlebar mount
  • Fits standard and oversize 35mm handlebars
  • Convenient USB rechargeable
  • Includes: LED Light Head with OLED Display, Internal Li-Ion Battery, Handlebar Mount fit up to 35mm, USB Charging Cable
  • Weight: 172g.
  • Charge Time: 6hrs (<500mA), or 3hrs (>500mA)
  • Run Time: 1hr (1200 lum), 1:30hrs (1000 lum), 3hrs (550 lum), 6hrs (275 lum), 6:30hrs (fast flash), 10hrs (daylight flash), 18hrs (slow flash & SOS & walk)
  • Note: Contains Rechargeable Lithium Battery. Available for Ground Shipping Only

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