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Product description


S35 Carbon


Wheel Size 29"  
Recommended Tire Width 2.35-2.8"  
Inner Width 35mm  
Outer Width 41mm  
Rim Weight 445g  
Wheelset Weight 1650g  
Section Height 18.3mm  
Rim Material Toughened Hybrid Carbon  
Drilling 32  
Type Tubeless  
Spoke Offset 5mm  
Spoke Length 296/294/292/294 (listed in order: front drive side, front non drive, rear drive, rear non drive)mm  
Spokes CX-Ray  
Nipples Sapim double square nipple  
Cross 3  
ERD 604mm  
Axle Option 110/148  
Wheel Build USA  
Hubs S35/29 Carbon i9  
Hubs Industry 9 Hydra  
Freehub Mechanism The innovative new design utilizes an independently-phased six pawl, 115 tooth drive ring creating a procession of 690 engagement points between pawl and drive ring, resulting in .52° of engagement.  
Freehub Engagement .52º  
Driver XD, Microspline, or HG  
Number of Bearings 4  
Brand of Bearings Enduro Bearings  
Bearing Part Number Visit i9 Website  
Disc Rotor Mount Type Center Lock  
Price/Warranty S35/29 Carbon i9  
Rim Warranty 7 Year, No Fault  
Hub Warranty 2 Years  

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