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Product description

Since 2017, the REVIVE dropper post has gained a strong following due to it's reliability, smooth action, and ease of maintenance.

With the release of the REVIVE 2.0, the extra-long 213mm post required a lot of re-thinking for the whole chassis structure. The benefits of that re-engineering have been passed down to all shorter posts.

- Updated one piece 3D-forged upper tube and head
- New CNC actuator lever provides even smoother action
- The patented Reset Valve function easily bleeds/resets your "springy" post in just a few seconds
- Infinite adjust; available travel options: 125, 160, 185, or 213mm!
- Low friction and super smooth movement, due to less seals and it's non-IFP design
- Sub-zero temperature functionality
- Short overall length; 125mm post is 397mm long
- Compatible with oval and carbon saddle rails
- Rotatable foot for extra clearance inside the seat-tube
- Fully user serviceable
- 485g

Sold as seatpost only - Remote/Trigger's are sold separately.

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