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Welcome to our service department!

What's the biggest reason you should buy one of our bikes? One word… service. Even though our entry level bikes are competitively priced with run-of-the-mill department store bikes, the biggest advantage we offer you is our top notch service.

Since 1985, we've employed skilled, experienced mechanics; had a full and well-stocked supply of spare parts; had a complete and high-quality selection of shop tools; and offered honest, responsive customer service. With every bicycle purchased at Chain Reaction, you receive:

  • Free, 2-year unlimited bike tuning service

Some of our more popular service packages are listed below - if you have any questions or concerns, please come into the store, call or email us.

Tools galore to keep your bike in tip top condition!
Chain Reaction... quality service, guaranteed! Pro-Tune - $79.95 with $10 prompt pick-up rebate
Our most popular all-round tune-up. Includes:
  • wheel true
  • brake adjust
  • gear adj
  • lube drive train
  • tighten all nuts and bolts
  • bearing adjustments
  • air pressure check
Pro-Tune Plus - $109.95
Same as the pro-tune, but includes a full cleaning of the drive train.

Pro Road Bike Fit - $95 + HST (free with purchase of new road bike)
Our bike fit program takes your existing bike or a newly purchased Chain Reaction bike, and adjusts it to fit your body and desired position. Getting the bike fit service is one of the most important ways to prevent knee pain, back pain, saddle discomfort and neck pain. Our bike fit service takes the following into account:
  • Frame Size
  • Comfort Issues
  • Handlebar Position
  • Saddle Height and Position
  • Reach, Stem Length and Angle
  • Cleat Alignment
  • Knee Over Pedal Spindle Alignment
Pro Aero Fit - $125 + HST (free with purchase of new TT or triathlon bike)
Our aero fit program is like our bike fit service but with the addition of the installation and adjustment of aero bars. Aero bars are perfect for the multi-sport athlete or anyone interested in taking pressure off their hands and arms.

Bike Pack for Shipping - starting at $44.95
Serious bikers can't travel without their baby. We'll carefully pack your bike in preparation for shipping. All packing materials included.

Other Services
  • Tire or tube change - $15 (parts not included)
  • Wheel truing - $12-25
  • And many more!
We'll keep your bike clean as a whistle!
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